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Understanding the Jiffy Data Page

The data for each unit selected is broken down into three sections plus options. Each section is combined to complete a Jiffy unit. Please use dimensional, parts and STP files from each section to complete the unit.

Jiffy Tap Lead Screw, 8 Threads per Inch

Additional lead screws are sold as a matched set that includes lead screw, nut, and wiper assembly. To order an additional lead screw use the following part number: LS-XX where XX is replaced by the pitch of the lead screw. Example: an 11-1/2 tpi pitch lead screw would be ordered as LS-11.5. A 1.00 mm pitch metric lead screw would be LS-1.00MM. If the additional lead screw is to go on a unit with either the quick change spindle option (option code "-SQ"), an extended stroke unit (option code "-ES"), or a unit with the reverse option (option code "-RO"), then use the appropriate option code when ordering a replacement lead screw (i.e. LS-11.5-RO). When ordering extra lead screws, it is recommended to also order an extra chuck, since changing chucks between lead screws is difficult and time consuming.

Basic Unit

Jiffy-Tap is the light, compact, and powerful answer to production lead screw tapping or die threading in close quarters. It will easily drive taps up through 1-1/2" N.C. size in medium cast iron with ample allowance for dull taps. Using a hydraulic motor to rotate the spindle, the standard unit will produce more than 10 HP, yet is so compact that two units will mount side-by-side on 3-5/16" spacing. On special orders this can be reduced to 3-3/16". No other tapping unit can deliver the long life and high torque of the Jiffy-Tap in such a small frame.
Stroke Length: 0 to 2-1/8" Maximum.
Spindle RPM: 3000 RPM maximum.
Spindle Taper: #4 Jacobs male taper.

Use the combination of the dimensional prints for the main unit, spindle and drive style to determine the overall dimensions and to generate a CAD model.

B-7 Motor

The B-7 hydraulic motor has a displacement of 17.9 in.3/rev. The B-Series motors are economical, efficient, small and powerful. These motors are designed for medium duty applications. Industry proven spool valve design combined with state-of-art gerotors. In addition, direction of shaft rotation and shaft speed can be controlled easily and smoothly throughout the speed range of the motor. The complete range of RPM and torques can be found in the motor literature.
RPM Range*: 26 - 192
Torque Range*: 427 - 3110 in-lbs
Fluids: Premium quality, anti-wear type hydraulic oil.
Temperature: -30°F to 180°F
For best motor life, run a new motor for 1 hour at 30% of rated pressure before application to full load. Be sure motor is filled with hydraulic fluid prior to any load applications.

*RPM and Torque are affected by the pressure and GPM of the hydraulic fluid. Actual RPM and Torque may be different than what is shown in the tables.
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