"B-Series" Stack

"B-Series" Stack Examples

The "B-Series" stack valve consists of individual sections sandwiched between two end plates, the stack being held together with three tie bolts. Valve sections are available with a variety of actuators. The end plate is normally configured for 1/2" NPTF pressure and exhaust connections. The pressure and exhaust are manifolded through all sections. Cylinder connections come out threaded port holes, 1/4" or 3/8" NPTF, in the bottom of each section. On special orders the stack can be turned with all cylinder port holes facing up.

Normal assembly is with cylinder ports down and nameplate up, with cylinder connections through a cut-out in the mounting surface. However, on special order, the stack can be assembled with all cylinder ports up (On solenoid valves, the manual override will remain on the name tag side.)

Actuators are normally assembled as shown in the drawings for that model. However, most actuators can be mounted on the opposite end of valve body. Take off actuator and end cap and reverse their positions. Note: On manual lever, spring centered models, the lever must be removed before the end cap with attached spool can be pulled out. Remove lever by pressing out hinge pin. Check gasket orientation before disassembling valve and verify proper orientation during reassembly. The handle of any section can be pointed up or down by removing 4 mounting screws, rotating the handle 180° and re-mounting.

B-Series Stack Assembly

How to Order Stack Valves

Individual parts can be ordered for user assembly or stacks can be assembled at the factory at no extra charge. A unique number will be generated as well as an engineered assembly print. The entire stack will be tested and packaged for shipment. To improve stack assembly, when facing the standard actuator side of stack, specify blind or ported end plate. A BOS-4 is required between the end plate and the first valve. Then specify each section starting at the left side, BHO2, EBSO2, etc. Then conclude with either a blind or ported end plate. One ported end plate PEP-4, one blank end plate BEP-4 and one BOS-4 spacer required for every stack. Tie rod kits and additional spacer plates will be added as necessary.

Part No. Description Dimensional Print STP File
Valve Most valves offer a stacking valve option (see prefix 'B'). The ports can be 1/4" or 3/8" NPTF. The width of all stacking valves is 1-5/16". Some operators may require additional spacing plates when placed adjacent to each other. Some customers alternate solenoid coils. BSO2 next to a BOS2 does not require a PS-4 spacer plate as would two adjacent BSO2 would. Each 'B-Series' valve includes 3 O-Ring seals. N/A N/A
PEP-4 End plate, ported, 1" thick, with 1/2" NPTF threaded inlet and exhaust ports. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_PEP-4.pdf PEP-4.zip
BOS-4 1/8" spacer with 3 holes. Used between an end plate and adjacent section to support O-Rings. One required on each stack. DIM_BOS-4.zip BOS-4.zip
BEP-4 End plate, blank, 5/8" thick, no ports. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_BEP-4.zip BEP-4.zip
BEP4-1 Mid plate, isolated pressure, 5/8" thick, only exhaust ports pass through. Pressure is block. Both sides of stack will need separate pressure sources. Two PEP-4 or one ICE-P are required. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_BEP4-1.zip BEP4-1.zip
ICE-P Mid plate, isolated exhausts, 5/8" thick. Only the pressure port passes through. Separates exhaust from one side of a stack to the other. Two PEP-4 are required. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_ICE-P.zip ICE-P.zip
PS-4-BLANK Mid plate, isolated ports, 5/8" thick. All ports are blocked. Separates all ports from one side of a stack to the other. Two PEP-4 are required. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_PS-4-BLANK.zip PS-4-BLANK.zip
BEP4-2 Mid plate, pressure boost, 1-1/4" thick, all ports pass through. An additional 1/2" NPTF port on the side allows for mid stack pressure boost. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_BEP4-2.zip BEP4-2.zip
BEP4-3 Mid plate, mount, 5/8" thick. Addes additional mounting for long stacks. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_BEP4-3.zip BEP4-3.zip
PS-4 Spacer plate, 5/16" thick. Used commonly to space two adjacent "Classic" solenoid coils. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_PS-4.zip PS-4.zip
XPS-4 Spacer plate, 1/2" thick. Used commonly to space two adjacent "Classic" explosion proof solenoid coils. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_XPS-4.zip XPS-4.zip
PS-4-1.25 Spacer plate, 1-1/4" thick. Used commonly to space two adjacent palm or lever valves for additional spacing. Includes 3 O-Ring seals. DIM_PS-4-1.25.zip PS-4-1.25.zip
TRK-18 & TRK-36 Tie rod kits with three precut 5/16-18 tie rods in 18" or 36" lengths, six 5/16-18 nuts and six 5/16 star washers. Determine the length of the stack by adding up the thickness of the plates as well as the number of the valves. Add 7/8" to 1" to the length of the tie rods to allow for a nut and star washer on each side of the stack. Each plate and valve comes with O-Rings for between the plates. N/A N/A