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General - Lubrication, DOW-55

Valves that are required to operate at temperatures lower than 32°F, we recommend using DOW 55 grease. This grease is not as sluggish as Magnalube-G is at these temperatures. DOW 55 grease is not required and Magnalube-G has worked well for low temperatures. It is only an anecdotal recommendation. Valves are suitable for, and perform best in a non-lube service. For long life, use an air line filter/lubricator installed no further than 10-ft. from the valve. The filter should be rated 25 pm or finer. Use a good grade of petroleum base lubricating oil no heavier than SAE 10W. DO NOT OVER-LUBRICATE. This could cause the spool to stick. CAUTION! Do not use questionable fluids in air line lubricators. Do not use petroleum oil with detergent additives. Detergents, volatile or aromatic fluids may swell rubber seals in valves and cylinders. Never use cooking or vegetable oil as a lubricant. When cleaning AAA valves after extended service, lubricate the valve spool with AAA high film strength grease, or, use O-ring grease which is usually available from supply houses which sell O-rings. DOW 55 is included in all valve repair kits that specify DOW 55 for proper valve maintenance. Never use any kind of oil, cup grease, or automobile chassis lubricant.
Molykote-55 Technical Document
Molykote-55 MSDS Document
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