SAH Series Valves

Single solenoid, 2-position, spring return with manual lever assist. Spool returns to original position when solenoid is de-energized. This operator style will operate reliably on line pressures from 160 PSI down to 50 PSI. If the line pressure is 160 PSI to 250 PSI or less than 50 PSI to 28" Hg, then the solenoid operator must be configured to use an "External Pilot" source.

Part Number: SAH2SAH2
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Selected Not Availible
Body Styles (resets all options)
Side Ported
2 1/4" NPTF
3 3/8" NPTF
4 1/2" NPTF
6 3/4" NPTF
8 1" NPTF
12 1-1/2" NPTF
Subplate Mounted
3P 3/8" flow
4P 1/2" flow
8P 1" flow
16P 1-1/2 flow
Prefix Options
STD Standard body material
B "B"-Series Stack
Coil Options
STD Default coil configuration
M Mold-over
X Explosion proof
Valve Options
blank No options selected (click to clear options)
O Twist locking solenoid override (most common)
ON Twist non-locking solenoid override
OP Push non-locking solenoid override
T Tapped exhaust (Explosion proof already tapped)
L Dust excluder solenoid nut
Z External pilot